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Easter Tablescaping Ideas - Eve & Auburn

Easter Entertaining: Elevate Your Table With Me

Easter is a time of joy, renewal and gathering with loved ones.  Whether you're hosting an intimate lunch or a festive dinner, creating a captivating tablescape sets the stage for a memorable celebration - and on top of that it's super fun to create!  

Join me as I share some of my favourite ways to dress up a table to give it that "wow" factor.  So let's dive into this year's Easter spread!

1) Layering Table Decor - to give a table dimension, layering is the best way to add depth and interest.  You can do this with chargers, plates, stemware and flatware.  Pick contrasting colours and  textures to create a dramatic feel or if you prefer a more monochromatic look stick with a couple of colours in the same tone.   Mixing and matching different styles of tableware, such as vintage-inspired dinner plates with modern stemware creates a dynamic look.  Layering also includes candles - I love lots of them everywhere or you can add fairy lights for a whimsical feel.  Don't be afraid to experiment with unconventional combinations to create a tablescape that reflects your personal style.

2) Incorporate Whimsical Easter Decor - infuse your table with playful Easter themed accents such as painted eggs, bunny figurines, or decorative nests filled with colourful eggs.  These touches add a sense of fun and joyful spirit to your table setting.

3) Flowers are Essential - since Easter is synonymous with the arrival of spring, flowers are a "must" for a beautiful table.  Tulips, daffodils, hydrangeas and hyacinths are just some of the pretty blooms that go hand in hand with Easter and spring.  Choose a basket to fill with florals (it's like a gift in a basket) with a ribbon tied around it or scatter posies (which is a small flower bouquet) around the table.  Posies can have a big impact at a fraction of the cost and it's an easy DIY. 

4) Personalize Your Table - Adding a personal touch such as a small favour is that little extra that makes a big difference.  This could include a small chocolate, cookie wrapped in cellophane with a ribbon around it.  This is a great way to get kids involved in the preparation of your feast, making it that much more special for your guests.

In the end, there are endless possibilities to explore when creating a look and theme but the most important thing to remember is to share the spirit of Easter with the people you love most - this is by far the best gift you can give someone! 

        Happy Easter!! 


 Screen_Shot_2021-11-12_at_11.47.04_AM - Eve & Auburn



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