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Why We Chose 8 Gifts For Our First Holiday Catalogue - Eve & Auburn

Why We Chose 8 Gifts For Our First Holiday Catalogue

The number 8 is personal to me.  It's my meaningful number.  We all have a number that is special to us, that gives us the go ahead to do something when we're unsure, providing affirmation and almost universally that bit of luck.  In fact, sports jersey numbers are rarely abitrary - most are chosen based on a meaningful date such as a birth year or birth date, having already been predetermined by the universe.  So when designing the collection, the original holiday selection was 7 gifts, akin to 7 being everyones lucky number (aka Lucky Number "7").  Lucky 7 seemed right in every sense.  But the universe always knows what is right and for whatever reason 7 boxes weren't in the cards due to the overflow of products and more importantly aesthetics.  So, 7 turned into 8 (funny how things are meant to be a certain way once we pay attention to the signs).

Fun facts.  When turned on its side, 8 becomes the symbol of infinity and is the only symmetrical number.  It is a Fibonacci number and the only one that is a perfect cube (other than the number one).  The number 8 also has great importance in the Chinese culture.  Wedding dates, birth dates and other important life events are chosen based on this numeric affinity.  In fact, the Beijing Olympics were held in 2008, on the eighth month of the year, the eighth day of the month, commencing 8 minutes and 8 seconds after 8pm.  Lots of fun facts to bite your teeth into! In any case, whether it is 8 or 7 or some other number that resonates with you - the signs are there, waiting to be discovered.

Slight digression here so let’s get back to our Holiday Catalogue.  

We're very excited to introduce a downloadable version of our Holiday Gift Box Collection 2022 on none other than November 8th.  This is a first for us so we hope you love what we've curated and we hope you can share it with family and friends alike.  This collection is designed to simplify the task of gift giving with thoughtful gifts for everyone on your list.  As always, thank you for supporting Eve & Auburn and for sharing this platform with us. 

Wishing you all the happiest of holidays from us to you!



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