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Spring Blooms Breathe New Life - Eve & Auburn

Spring Blooms Breathe New Life

It’s no surprise that the pastel colours of spring - the soft palette of pink, blue, yellow, green and purple serves to conjure up an evolutionary end of one season and a rebirthing of another life cycle.  The hibernation period of winter draws its final breath and with luck the dreaded last blast of winter denies its own epilogue.

This year and every year, I am most excited about the first blooms of the magnificent cherry blossoms.  With their canopy of blooming flowers en masse, like a perfect cloud formation, their beauty is undeniable.  Festivals around these cherry blossoms are widespread bringing communities together to celebrate their delicate beauty and marvel at the fleetingness of life.

So why is this important? After a global pandemic and a world of uncertainty projected onto us, the need for togetherness and the rebuilding of our communities  is paramount.

In Japanese culture, the cherry blossoms serve as a metaphor for the ephemeral nature of life.  Finding beauty in the little things that make life special brings us closer to nature, which in essence brings us closer to God.  This years cherry blossoms will erupt in tandem with the Easter holiday by no coincidence.  So, plan that cherry blossom visit and let yourself be captivated - you won't be disappointed, only mesmerized by life's simple joys.







           March 2022


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